Clash of Clans for PC Downloading Guide on Windows 7 & 8

Clash of Clans is an awesome epic game that is designed for the people who always wants to kill time by playing games. Clash of Clans for PC Downloading process is given here.

This game lets you to create hundreds of unique troops for your village and also lets you to defend the clan’s village using the created unique troops.

This game provides you an excellent opportunity to fight with devils army in various battle fields in the Clans Map. You can also play multiplayer game using the online server that is to be connected while playing online multiplayer game. Guide to

Download Clash of Clans for PC or Windows 7/8/XP and Mac

The main objective of the Clash of Clans is to build a village and you need to improve that village by upgrading several things in your village. In the Gameplay, you will be given a small village with few villagers and in the tutorials you will be asked to complete few tasks and this will make you to understand the keys and battle strategies. You are allowed to train various units such as;

Builders: By using this unit only, you can upgrade the buildings or new buildings can be build using these units only.

clash of clans pc world

Things to note about Clash of Clans for PC:

Troops: These are army units and they are used to defend the village as well as for attacking other people with these units. By using the trained troops, you can attack various army people and in the meantime you need to defend your nation from the attackers.

In each and every battle, the enemy will learn from your battlefield and also in the meantime, you need to learn different tactics for each and every battle that you were fighting with your enemy. Can you Play Clash of Clans for PC or Computer no survey and without bluestacks.

  • You can build many buildings and you need to defend your village using those buildings.
  • Play with other players online, and make your village an ultimate fortress.
  • Fight with various villages and involve in various epic battles in the gameplay.
  • Capture and control various settlements with the army troops.
  • You can also defend your village using the mortars, towers, traps and also by constructing wall around your village.

Now its time to know how to Clash of Clans for PC Download easily.

Downloading Clash of Clans for PC Windows 7/8 Easily.

Clash of Clans is available for both Windows and also for android applications; if you want to download the pc version, you can Google it and download from Google, but the main advantage of playing android game in your personal computer is reliability. But the main issue is that, you cannot directly install the android application in your windows personal computer.

Step 1: You need Emulator software to install the application in your personal computer and download BlueStacks, install it by clicking here. Download it and install in your personal computer.

Step 2: Now launch the emulator and Open Google Play Store in the emulator.

Step 3: In the Google Play Store, search Clash of Clans and download it in the android emulator.

After the successful installation in the installed emulator, open it. That’s all; you have installed this application in your windows PC. So I hope by now you must be knowing how to easily download Clash of Clans for PC without much efforts, keep on visiting this website to know more about it.


Pet Rescue Saga for PC Download on Windows 7/8 Guide

Hello friends, this guide is all about how to download Pet Rescue Saga for PC or Windows 7/8/XP Computer, please have a look into the whole guide below.

Pet Rescue Saga is a new puzzle game that has been developed by King that is also the developer for Candy Crush Saga. The game play of this cheesy game is quite interesting.

You are required to fix two or more blocks in same color in order to overcome the level and also to save the pets. Download WhatsApp for PC or Computer from here. Also see, Total Conquest for PC Download tutorial from

There are an ample of levels to be achieved in the game along with some exhilarating features embedded in it. The colorful paint pots along with explosions from bombs are a helping hand to get you across the levels and score high.

The moves available in the game play are limited; hence the user needs to be very careful before sporting them.

Note : Pet Rescue Saga for PC is not available officially but we are going to install Android Installer which will help you to download any type of Android game or application on the computer, so please have a look.

The puzzle skills of a person are tested highly here. In order to be effective in the game, you have to be very alert and accurate. The mind troubling game can be a lot of fun at the same time.

Pet Rescue Saga is one of the highest selling games in the market and over a 150 million copies has been sold already. The fan following of the game is very strong and “over the top”.

I also like to play Flipagram for PC on my Computer, you can also try the same.

Playing Pet rescue saga is totally free but some of the moves may require extra funds to contribute to the developers. However, you would never regret spending a single penny on this game. Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC Download available.

Pet Rescue Saga for PC Features :

So friends, now its time to know the features of this awesome game which will help

Here are some of the features of Pet Rescue Saga for PC:

  1. The graphics of the game are compelling and it features a very colorful approach to pet rescue saga.
  2. Learning this game is easy but in order to be perfect, you have to practice it well.
  3. There is a range of pets featuring in the game including the likes of puppies, piglets and bunnies.
  4. The bonus rewards are also featured to be obtained after a powerful performance delivered by the player.
  5. Leader board’s existence makes the game more interesting where you can share your scores with friends.
  6.  The synchronization with facebook helps the person to share his scores with friends and also play with them online and compete.

There have been a few updates that were included in the game recently that include 2 brand new episodes in the name Little Atlantis and Bungalow Branches. It consists of 15 levels each. In all, there are about 462 levels of fun in the game.  You have to watch out for the temperature in the game too.

Download Pet Rescue Saga for PC or Computer :

Now, its time to know how to download Pet Rescue Saga on PC as well as Windows 7/8 as well as XP system.

Pet Rescue Saga can be downloaded with the help of an android emulator. In this case, we will use the most popular android emulator, Bluestacks. It enables the user to download any android app he wants in his computer.

Here are the steps to download pet rescue saga for PC:

  1. The first and the foremost step are to install BlueStacks from its official website.
  2. Secondly, you can search for “Pet Rescue Saga” in the search box of BlueStacks.
  3. After the result is displayed, you can click on install and wait for a few moments before the game is downloaded on your PC.

So folks, I hope you enjoyed this post which is all about how to download Pet Rescue Saga for PC or Computer, and while following my above given steps, if you faced any issue then please let us know about it, we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.


Hike Messenger for PC Download (Windows 7/8) Tutorial

Today we are going to provide tutorial on how to download Hike Messenger for PC or Computer which is available for Windows 7/8/XP, please read the full article to know more.

Hike Messenger was launched by Kavin Bharti Mittal on a significant date of 12-12-12. It marked the beginning of a new free messaging app that has unique features and easily surpasses the credibility of the other messaging apps in the market. This is one of the best alternative to WhatsApp for PC

After the surge and success of Whatsapp, a lot of other free messaging apps have also emerged in the market scene. However, none of those apps could even come closer to the elevation of Whatsapp.

You can get this app officially for Android from here

Hike Messenger for PC has tried to indulge some different traits that set it apart from the usual apps in the market. This is happening to be the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for Hike Messenger.

hike messenger for pc

The marketing procedures adopted by Hike Messenger stunned the industry as they were very intuitive and innovative. These marketing schemes included the provision of sending free texts to India irrespective of whether the recipient has Hike or not.

Features of Hike Messenger for PC :

The privacy features of the app make it very special. For instance, it does not allow people to assess your “last seen” status. At the same time, the strangers are not able to view your profile picture which is a good control of privacy.

Here are some of the features of Hike Messenger PC:

  1. The range of stickers available in Hike Messenger is mind blowing.
  2. It boasts a number of chat themes that are played in the background while you chat with the other person.
  3. The messages to India can be sent for free. Moreover, it does not require the recipient to have an access to Hike Messenger in order to receive the message.
  4. Pictures and videos can be shared among friends without any hassles.
  5. Hike messenger is marked by the iconic date of its launch that says 12-12-12.
  6. One of the most important traits of Hike Messenger is that it possesses a very easy interface with the help of which novice users can also operate it.
  7. The app can be stored on a SD card so you may carry it with you wherever you go.
  8. Multiple chat feature is embedded in the Hike Messenger app which enables a number of people to talk to each other and hold conferences.
  9. A range of emoticons is also available in the interface of Hike Messenger.

After knowing the features now its time to know how you can download this app on PC, you can even download WeChat for PC from here

Hike Messenger for PC or Computer Download :

Hike is growing really fast and it has already donned a big network in India. The unique and attractive features of the app attract users towards itself. It can be downloaded with the help of BlueStacks installer which is basically an android emulator. Android emulators are used to download any android app that you want in PC.

Here are the steps to download Hike Messenger for PC:

  1. Install BlueStacks from its official website.
  2. Once BlueStacks has been installed, try to run it and look for “Hike Messenger” in its search box.
  3. When Hike Messenger icon is displayed as a result, try to look for the install button situated next to it.
  4. Click on install and the downloading starts which may take a few minutes to finish.

So folks, I hope you liked this post which concentrates about downloading Hike Messenger for PC (Windows 7/8//XP) easily.


My Talking Tom for PC Download (Windows 7/8/XP)

My Talking Tom for PC is an entertaining and totally funky app that comes from the base of android operating system. It is the most talked about app in the market and people tend to discuss about their own respective Tom.

Tom is basically the talking cat that lays the foundation of the app. This cat is not only adorable but it also reacts according to the current mood of the user. I also like playing Hay Day for PC

Tom is the best friend of the user. It tries to entertain the user by doing some interesting tricks. The backdrop of the game remains to be the entertainment stunts done by Tom.

You can appreciate the efforts of Tom by caressing it through the screen gestures. Tom responds by blushing or feeling comfortable. It all looks and feels so real.

You can change the clothing of the cat and dress it up with unique dresses and accessories. All this can be done in one single app. It is a roller coaster of entertainment. Taking care of Tom is like taking care of your own pet and not for a single moment do you realize that the cat is existing only in the virtual world and does not exist for real.

There are an ample of options to pay a tribute to the caring nature of Tom. Here are some of the features of the game.

talking tom cat for pc

Talking Tom Cat for PC or Computer Download :

  1. When you try to caress the cat with screen gestures, the cat reacts accordingly.
  2. If you slap the cat, it does not talk to you for while as an angry gesture.
  3. You can feed the cat with lunch, dinner or even breakfast.
  4. The virtual world of Tom feels to be very real while operating the app.
  5. While keeping Tom in queue, you can also play some games simultaneously.
  6. The best part of the app remains to be the gestures of Tom and his ability to react to the touch and other gestures shown by its owner.

The advertising of the app was done extensively by the developers and the result is that Talking Tom Cat is one of the best apps in the android market at the moment.

Downloading Talking Tom Cat:

Talking Tom Cat can be downloaded with the help of an android emulator. This android emulator helps the user to download any android app he wants in the PC. Also you can download WeChat for PC is the same manner.

Steps to download Talking Tom Cat for PC:

  1. The first step required to download “Talking Tom Cat for PC” is to install the BlueStacks Installer on the computer from here.
  2. After installing BlueStacks installer, you can try to search for Talking Tom Cat for PC in the search box of the installer.
  3. It displays results with “Talking Tom Cat for PC” icon and an install button situated nearby.
  4. Click on the install button and wait for a few minutes. The Talking Tom Cat for PC app has thus been downloaded on your PC.
  5. You can run this app by going to the “My Apps” section of BlueStacks and clicking on the Talking Tom Cat for PC.

Tetris for PC game Download available on Windows 7/8

One of the oldest puzzle games you will come across often is the Tetris game. Having Tetris Game for PC is most excited thing i heard this year. You may have played it on other gaming consoles but now you can enjoy this game on your smartphones and your PC as well.

For your mobiles you can get it from the play store and to get it installed on your pc just follow the instructions given below.

I am sure you already know a lot about the Tetris game but in case you’re wondering what’s new about the android version of the game, below I have covered all the features of this puzzle game I think you will find interesting.  Its just given below the steps

tetris game for pc

Steps to download and install the Tetris for PC

  • The Tetris game is quite simple to download but you will need to get an android emulator before you begin. Bluestacks is an emulator I usually use and it is quite good and you can even get it easily on its official website for download.
  • Once you have downloaded the emulator just install it and run the software.
  • After the Bluestacks window appears you need to look up for the Tetris game by typing its name in the search bar present at the top of the Bluestacks window.
  • When all the search results appear you will need to pick one you think is the best and then you just have to click on the install button located on the right side of that result.
  • Once you do that all you will have to do is follow the installation instructions that appear and then wait till Bluestacks downloads and installs the Tetris game automatically to your computer.
  • Now that the Tetris game has been correctly installed to your pc all you have to do is head over to the My Apps option in Bluestacks and click on the Tetris icon to start playing the game.

tetris game for computer

Features of the Tetris game for PC you must know:

Like I mentioned above Tetris is actually one of the oldest puzzle games ever and the good news is that it is now available for all android, iOS smartphones too. The smartphone version of the Tetris game comes with various modes out of which one of these modes in the marathon mode.

This mode allows you to enjoy a professional gameplay experience. All you need to do is stack one tile over the other to complete all the levels in the game. You may already be aware of the fact that Tetris comes with advanced controls.

There are various controls in the game like the fast one touch or the classic swipe controls and the one which is newly added in the game is the drag and place control. A new feature which is added especially for the android version of the game is the Tetris Galaxy which is a multi-level game mode.

This mode present in the game offers you various power-ups which will help you in modifying the blockades in the level you are playing. Another thing you will really like about the game is the fact that you can connect Tetris to your facebook and share your scores.

Solving puzzles is the favorite refreshing task for me. I hope you were able to understand all this easy steps of downloading the Tetris Game for Computer without any difficulty. Do have a look on other posts of Startuplucky.